The Blackvue Cloud DR650GW-2CH Review

A front and rear dash cam is important especially when documenting your drives. Not only is it a cool way to add a cinematic effect to certain movie projects, but it’s also a help when it comes to parking or dealing with blind spots, as well as finding out natures of an accident if ever you and your vehicle come across one. Similar to security cameras for a home or office, a rear and front cam is perfect to keep your car safe and secure. The Blackvue Cloud DR650GW-2CH is one of these cameras that do the job in documenting and capturing videos around your vehicle. Is it worth the purchase? In this review, you’ll see if it is or not!

Body and Design

This front and rear cam isn’t your usual camera design, as it is a circular shape that resembles a security camera. It’s a small and lightweight body with a sleek design. It comes in black, meaning you are able to have it covered and it won’t easily be seen.

Video Quality

We could say that it’s got a great video quality that is able to do the job in capturing sharp and clear images. It shoots in 30FPS in both front and rear cameras, so expect good definition without fail.


It’s known to be very user friendly, with installation taking less than half an hour. Even beginners or those who are not tech savvy are able to easily pick up the instructions on how to install it. It’s got a bracket included that makes it easy to install, as well as an instruction manual that is easy to understand. You can install the software and apps created by Blackvue into your phone or PC to save your captured videos on the road. Another great thing about this front and rear camera is the fact that it comes with a lot of features that you are able to take advantage of, such as the built in WiFi and GPS. You’ll be able to connect the camera to your smartphone where you are able to view the videos taken. You are also able to save these videos into your phone or PC, where you can edit and share them to others. And with the GPS feature, you will know where your vehicle is no matter how far you are. Not only that, but it’s got a G-Sensor as well, making it perfect for backing up when parking.


This is an investment worth purchasing, costing about $350, depending on what storage you will be getting. Though it may seem steep, it’s worth it considering the many features it has, as well as the quality of its videos.

In a Nutshell

This front and rear cam is definitely worth its price, making it a great investment for your vehicle. It’s important to have these cameras installed in order for you to witness any accidents properly, as well as being able to backup when parking without any minor bumps.

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