Canon Vixia HF G20 Review

The Canon Vixia HF G20 is the perfect upgrade to its predecessor, the G10. With graded specs and features that produce awesome quality videos, this is definitely the camcorder for the big boys. Of course, it’s also user-friendly and can be used by beginners and anyone between as well. Whether you are taking videos for short professional videos, or just want to capture the moment in quality and style, then this camcorder is the one for you, We lay down its features and design, weighing its pros and cons for you to make the choice and see if the Canon Vixia HF G20 is truly something you need.

Body and Design

The body’s design is similar to its predecessor, but with a brand new lens cap which looks and works better. It also has a new eyepiece, which feels much more comfortable and looks better as well. Just a few minor changes from its predecessor that make it a nice upgrade! It’s a bit heavy, but considering that it’s made for professional shooting, expect a bit of weight and size to come with it. But it’s still portable and easy to travel with.

Video Quality

You would think that camcorders won’t be able to give you quality videos, but the G20 proves you wrong. With DSLR-quality videos, you’ll be able to shoot videos in high definition, may it be for a movie project or event! It’s also got an image stabilizer that is able to keep the video in good motion, no matter how fast paced the video can get. It’s best on low light backgrounds, and with upgraded audio and mic, it sounds much better, sounding crisper and cleaner. It’s got improved autofocus, without it disrupting the wuality of the audio or video. Plus, the depth of field is amazing as compared to any DSLR camera with video.

It has built in memory of 32GB, and add in an external memory card, you’ll be ablt to shoot a lot of videos without worrying about space.


It’s a user-friendly camcorder where those who are amateurs at videoing professional shots can easily use. But the problem may be its touchscreen settings, which can hinder people with big fingers from using it properly. Either way, it’s easy to understand and to pick up its settings. Battery life is amazing, lasting up to a whopping 12 hours! But there have been complaints of it not being able to live up to its full potential because of the battery packed with it, so it’s best to purchase an original external battery just in case.


It’s $800, which can be a big investment for those wanting to purchase a camcorder. But with amazing video quality and featured specs you will surely be able to put in use, it’s worth every buck. You can opt to choose between different bundles suitable for the beginner up to the advanced, with a starter bundle including a camera and headset, down to the pro bundle that even includes a tripod!

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