Paulownia Trees Plantations, Timber. Investment, cultivation, management of Paulownia
Paulownia Trees Plantations, Timber, Cultivation, Investing, Fertilising

My name is Joe Virtanen, I am an independent Paulownia tree plantation developer located in Queensland, Australia.

My company Australian Paulownia Trees and Plantations is well established and is one of the pioneers in the Paulownia industry.

We are involved in Paulownia research and development in many places around the world..

Our core business is the establishment of Paulownia plantations and nurseries worldwide. 

I am recognised worldwide as one of the leading growers and consultants in the Paulownia World today.

The Paulownia Tree has a lot to offer, whether the grower is a serious investor or a hobby farmer.

I am currently engaged in the development of Paulownia Tree Plantations throughout the world, ranging from reafforestation to investment projects. In addition to our consultation services we supply the following Paulownia products:-

  • especially formulated Organic Fertiliser
  • honey made from Paulownia flowers
  • Paulownia timber and timber products
  • we have an extensive Paulownia reference library
  • we supply Paulownia root-stock and seedlings
  • we consult World-wide
  • for investors we develop for resale and/or management Paulownia plantations in Queensland, Australia.

As you know, the Paulownia tree is very fast growing and produces good quality timber in a very short period of time.

On this Web site I have some helpful, quality information for you about this wonderful tree.

Please feel free to browse, if you want any information about Paulownia plantations and nurseries, send me an E-mail, facsimile or just telephone any-time.


Who Says Paulownias Don't Grow !!!
Joe with 35 year old
Paulownia Mother Tree

Worldwide Service


Principal Joe Virtanen - Australian Paulownia Trees and Plantations
39 Winderadeen Drive Nerang Queensland 4211 Australia
Phone +61 7 5596 1267 Fax +61 7 5578 1255

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